100 Word Challenge – 2



This week’s prompt is to imagine you are looking over the Grand Canyon and writing, for example, a conversation or how you’re feeling while stood there. Click the image above to see the original prompt post.

I won’t lie; I read this week’s prompt and I’m worried! It sounds like quite a tough one – especially as I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. Well, less fretting and more typing; let’s see what I come up with:


“Come on, Toni, at least open one eye!” Eve encouraged.
“I can’t do it! Why did I agree to come here, I’ve never been good with heights?!” Toni whimpered, holding on to Eve’s hand as though letting go meant sudden death.
“You agreed for the same reason we’re on this holiday – to experience new things and conquer our fears. Now, open your bloomin’ eyes or I’ll do it myself!” bargained Eve. “After 3. 1…2…3 – Open!”
Tentatively, Toni opened her eyes and looked around; she began to cry with mixed feelings of fear and amazement.
“Wow.” Toni mouthed.
“I told you it was worth it.” Eve said with a satisfied smile.

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