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January Round Up – Could Do Better.

January is coming to a close – I can hardly believe it! 3 out of 4 family birthday’s down, 1 to go in April. I haven’t even put my Hobbit calendar up, yet – although that’s because I felt it silly to put it up before having decorated…I’ll have to open it up on January for a few days, when I get round to that.

What have we learned about me this month? Except for the 50 facts, we have learned that I don’t do very much at all; I knew that before I started the blog, though. We have learned that I’m fairly nifty at DIY – I like making things.

I have learned that, although I really don’t want to, I should try and grow up. Not that it means I’ll have to always be mature and adult. As the good Doctor once said, ‘There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes!’ I like that a lot.

I have been informed that I am very much like Miranda (Miranda Hart’s ‘character’ [although it’s based on her experiences, she is still playing a character…of herself] in her show ‘Miranda’). I’m not complaining about this, I do see a lot of similarities. In fact, her speech at the end of one episode ties in perfectly with the previous paragraph.

I have been really struggling this month, I am fighting through and I am going to work on it more; as best I can find a way to. I am yet to learn that I am important and that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to worse off people when it comes to my issues. I do still manage to smile at small things, though, so I know there is hope.


February is set to be a very exciting month, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow. ;]

See you then!

Me 80s hair


Visited my Grandpa today. He’s well enough, for his age. He has a chair that lifts him up, lies down and massages – it’s very swish and I wouldn’t mind having my own.

I was given my birthday card from an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin – the envelope is lovely.


In fact, I love it so much that I think I want a houndstooth pattern on one of my walls. This scratches the comment of not wanting a feature wall, but I do love houndstooth. Not sure how I’ll achieve the look, yet, but I can work on that. I love the colours of the envelope, too, but I’m not sure I’d want them on my walls – who knows, it may happen! Spearmint and orange, anyone?

I had to go to a meeting at work this evening; we were talking about the Wednesday evening project – it’s going to be Dance, which is a popular one with the girls. Although, we may get two boys this term – that would be exciting.

I have just finished building a new lamp, which I got yesterday as my previous one is old and broken. It’s a much nicer way of lighting up a room than a main light, I find.


No plans for tomorrow day time, but another meeting about the Thursday night project in the evening – I shall talk about that tomorrow, even though I already know what it is. Now I’m going to fill out my time sheets, as I need the money.

See you tomorrow!


Today is my birthday; as the title may, or may not, imply. I had quite a nice day, mostly relaxed and easy; went to Caffe Nero with my Dad, then homebase to pick up some books of paint colours (pretty sure I’m going with a green). Then to go and buy a ring for my mum, from my Dad.

Home, food, then out for a bit of shopping with my Mum. I didn’t really buy anything…

I got a few cards and a pair of earrings from my parents – they’re tear drop shaped, but I have turned them upside down to make them look like alien heads…

Now, I’m talking to one of my longest friends about getting help, but I won’t go in to detail – she’s right, though, I really need some.

All in all, an ok day. I’m a little bummed out now, but I really shouldn’t be.

See you tomorrow!

100 Word Challenge – 2



This week’s prompt is to imagine you are looking over the Grand Canyon and writing, for example, a conversation or how you’re feeling while stood there. Click the image above to see the original prompt post.

I won’t lie; I read this week’s prompt and I’m worried! It sounds like quite a tough one – especially as I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. Well, less fretting and more typing; let’s see what I come up with:


“Come on, Toni, at least open one eye!” Eve encouraged.
“I can’t do it! Why did I agree to come here, I’ve never been good with heights?!” Toni whimpered, holding on to Eve’s hand as though letting go meant sudden death.
“You agreed for the same reason we’re on this holiday – to experience new things and conquer our fears. Now, open your bloomin’ eyes or I’ll do it myself!” bargained Eve. “After 3. 1…2…3 – Open!”
Tentatively, Toni opened her eyes and looked around; she began to cry with mixed feelings of fear and amazement.
“Wow.” Toni mouthed.
“I told you it was worth it.” Eve said with a satisfied smile.

Decorating ideas.

It has been over a month since I was forced to move house and it’s about time I think about my bedroom decor. As yet, the only idea I’ve had is to have the Middle Earth map painted on a wall, but I have absolutely no idea how to achieve that – except pay someone, but I haven’t got the money for that.

I don’t think I want a feature wall, unless it is the idea above, so that narrows it down to only one paint/wallpaper to choose. I don’t think I can be bothered with the business of wallpaper – unless it is William Morris, but that’s expensive – so that leaves paint. One singular colour to cover all 4 walls.

My bedroom at home had a dark cherry/light crimson feature wall and caramel on the other 3, with black satin (not gloss, not matte) skirting. The colours went well with the black, with gold detailing, curtains and had already chosen; my idea was a castle room, of sorts. It wouldn’t have come across that way to anyone else, but that’s what I thought when I first did it.

Now, with yet another room to decorate, I am stuck. I can’t decide on a colour I would like to look at shades of. Not being keen on the modern style, I was thinking a jade green, but muted. Or a very pale beigey-brown. I really don’t know. Anyone any good at design? I can to the decorating, but when it comes to design and imaging how things will look, well, I suck.

I need to find a time when my Dad is free so we can visit a B&Q or Homebase. Hopefully some time this week!

See you tomorrow!


In the last few days I have realised that there is an album that I keep going back to. That album is:

Babel – Mumford&Sons

The album is easy going and catchy, without being in your face and annoying – as I find some music can become.

If you haven’t heard of Mumford&Sons, (or if you have, but you didn’t know a song was theirs at the time) they are a folk rock band who formed a few years ago. Their debut album, called ‘Sigh No More’, has songs such as ‘Winter Winds’ and ‘Little Lion Man’ and is one of the few albums I listened to most before ‘Babel’.

It is not often that a band’s second album tops the first, but I think Mumford&Sons have managed it for me. I can always tell a good album when I’m not tempted to shuffle the songs – does anyone else get that?

I know they may not be to everyone’s musical tastes, but I just can’t help but have it playing whenever I don’t want to be surrounded by quietness.

Folk music seems to have made a come back, in to popular music, in recent years; obviously it has always been around, but it was more in the background. It is the kind of music that my Dad used to listen to in the 70s. I, for one, am not going to complain about it’s return.

‘Babel’ is an album I shall be listening to for years to come, so this is why I would like to recommend it to you.

A good place to start may be ‘I Will Wait’: I Will Wait – Mumford&Sons

‘Lover of the Light’: Lover of the Light – Mumford&Sons

On the deluxe edition of the album there are 15 songs, of those 15 there is only one of which I’m not overly fond – not bad, I’d say.

Have a listen and let me know what you think; I hope you enjoy them. If you have an album, or song, that you always find yourself listening to, let me know!

See you tomorrow!

Rain Check, or Snow Check if you will.

I’m not feeling too great today; I’m beginning to wonder why a person who does not like to talk about themselves much has started a blog.

My parents hosted a Burn’s Night party tonight; I would have joined in, but I was not in the mood for socialising. I would have happily ended my day two hours before the gathering was to begin. I did not know where to take refuge, as I used to go in the kitchen and watch TV, but I “settled” in Mum’s study and watched the last episode of Great British Bake Off Comic Relief. The night ended abruptly when Mum looked outside and saw a good 2 inches of snow; the guests wanted to get home – a party has never ended so quickly.

I played outside with the dogs for 20 minutes, we all had fun.

Now I’m sat on my bed, wrapped in my duvet with my hot water bottle, thinking about getting ready to sleep – so much effort.

See you tomorrow.


The Panto went down a storm! I think, anyway. After saying that I had my reservations, I was impressed at how well the kids did. A few of them still needed scripts, but that didn’t really ruin anything. All the kids were brilliant and I’m so glad they pulled it off. I admit, though, that my favourite part of the night was tidying up the hall with Mumford&Sons playing, quite loud, over the sound system.

Right now, I am typing this up and wondering whether to watch my Doctor Who box set, or not. It’s these decisions that keep my life on it’s toes…

I watched the most recent episode of Gok Wan’s new show last night and realised I had a lot of similarities with the woman on it. Basically, I am shy and awkward and so was she. I learned how it feels for other people when they’re trying to talk to me, or spend time with me. I either stay silent or talk in streams about nothing in particular. It’s not fun; I must practise.

Righto, that’s all I really have to talk about today. I’m glad the panto went well, but I’m also glad that it’s over!

See you tomorrow!

Les Misérables.

Today consisted of two main events: watching the Les Misérables film and going to work.

les mis

Work was this evening, but I shall talk about that first. The children finally got to have a mini dress rehearsal; they didn’t go through the whole thing, but they got to wear their costumes. They all seem reasonably happy.

Back to Les Mis. Now…I had heard very good things about this movie, but I had my reservations. I had never been hugely keen to go and see the stage show, admittedly, but wanted to see the film anyway. On the whole, I enjoyed it, but I was not blown away and did not cry as much as I had heard some people did.

A few things that I feel about it are:

– Russell Crowe was not as bad as people are saying. His solo song is one of the ones I liked the most.
– Anne Hathaway has an amazing voice.
– I don’t get the whole thing with Eddie Redmayne…
– Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were great – I laughed each time their characters were on screen.
– Hugh Jackman’s voice disappointed me a little, I thought he was quite nasal – until the end scenes where he is weak and so singing with less ‘gusto’.
– It felt bloomin’ long.

Overall, I did like it. Maybe not enough to buy the DVD, but enough not to regret going.

While I was in town, Jenn and I went in to HMV. I seem to automatically head towards the Doctor Who DVDs and this time I came up trumps! The Complete First Series box set for £20. Scoorrrreee!


That’s it, for today. See you tomorrow!

Let me sleep, already!

Once again I awoke at about 8am; something must be wrong for me to have almost reversed my sleeping pattern. I blame it on anxiety – something I am not yet going to go in to detail on.

I stayed in bed until about 10am, when it became clear that I was not going to be getting back to sleep, then went downstairs and ate breakfast. I looked out of the window and saw this:


What the heck is that bright orb in the sky?!

My dad asked if I wanted to take the dogs for a walk, so I got ready and we took both our German Shepherds out in the melting snow. After the walk, we ate dinner and watched Bargain Hunt – I wouldn’t mind being on that show, it looks like fun. I lounged around some more while my Dad did a bit of work, then he came to tell me he was going to the tip, the bank and back home (or what I still call home). I asked him to wait so I could go with him, so he did and I did.

I enjoyed spending time back where I felt at home and safe, even though it was empty (and cold, but that’s not too unusual).

Window View

I sat on the floor where my bed used to be and just relaxed a bit, then went outside and tried to cover most of the snow with my foot prints – because I could, more than anything. I think I even found Snow Drops, although without the flower.

Snow Drop

Came back to this house and had a look online for a new Dental Practice, as I have never really liked my own – we don’t get on. I found one, but it’s not NHS, so I’m not sure it’s possible – we’ll see.

Evening came, we ate tea and then my brother went for a walk, too – I went with him; why not? Then I came home and watched the Great British Bake Off Comic Relief special (the second of a few this week). I love that show, the original show, I feel, is more fun to watch than the specials, because you get to know the bakers and their ‘journey’ throughout the series – I’d like to do that show, also, but I don’t think I’m quite up to scratch, yet.

That brings us up to now. I think this is my most poorly written post, yet, so please excuse me – I am now going to sleep. Up early tomorrow so I can go and see Les Mis with a friend and then work in the evening. Such fun!

See you tomorrow!