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100 Word Challenge

Today, while having had an uninteresting day, I have decided to do the 100 Word Challenge for the first time. If you click the picture below, it will take you to the blog and the details of the challenge. Hopefully, I’ll start to do it every other week, if not once a week – we shall find out. So, here goes!



This week’s prompt words are:

…the extreme weather meant…

The snow had been floating down for 15 hours non-stop; I had never seen anything like it. I’d made the move to Vancouver, Canada, during the Summer and, though I expected snow in the Winder, it was thicker than I could have imagined. The snow had always been portrayed as a burden, when I lived in England – the smallest amount would be considered a blizzard – but here, in Canada, it was taken with a pinch of salt. Of course, the extreme weather meant things were cancelled, but that was not a problem. It was great to walk around and greet like-minded people, who don’t mind the snow and allow themselves to relax and enjoy it.

Bullet Point day.

Today is not even worth thinking about, let alone blogging, so I’ll do bullet points.

– Dog kept me awake for all but 3 and a half hours last night.
– Walked my friend to the train station so she can, finally, get to the boat home.
– Bought too many sweets for something in the afternoon, as my brain was off.
– Ate dinner.
– Went back to bed at 2 and was asleep until half past 9.
– Got out of bed and went downstairs for a while.
– Came upstairs, blogged and now I’m going to finish my tea and go back to sleep.

See you tomorrow (having had more sleep, all being well).

An Unexpected Journey

Today took an interesting turn as one of my longest serving friends missed her boat home, so she’s staying at mine for the night. I went to meet her in town and we went to a few shops and decided to go to the cinema. We had a choice of two films we wanted to see, but this won hands down – against Les Mis.


Wonderful. I love it even more the second time around. I want to be a Dwarf, even of the females do have beards, too. My friend fell asleep for half an hour, but I won’t hold it against her as I almost did, as well – oops.

We came back to mine, sat for a short while and then went to get a chippy tea. Now we’re sat in the front room watching Captain America; I love this film.

See you tomorrow!

IT SNOWED!!!!!!!


Here are a few pictures from a short walk with my Dad. I have some videos, too, but I can’t work out how to flip them, yet. Hope you like!

Holly Snow

Doggy Running Snow

Trees Snow

Looks like Narnia

Me Snow


Doggy Snow


See you tomorrow!


The only thing I did today, really, was go to Tesco with my Dad. I haven’t been feeling myself, today. A little sick with worry, but I’ll not go in to that. It does make me think about all the ‘little’ things I need to go to the doctors about, though. Maybe one day I’ll actually do something about them.

I did get this beauty, though!

Hobbit Official Guide

Good news! I also found the little box I’d put my spare lip balms in! Even though I’d bought a replacement, but it’s a different one, so I can pick and choose between them! The little box was not where I expected it to be, so it was a surprise to find it where I did.

It is forecast to snow a lot tomorrow. It has already been snowing a little bit tonight, but it hasn’t stuck – always a disappointment. Fingers crossed that we get a lot of snow, but that everyone stays safe; and if you’re going to complain about it – shush up! As long as you’re safe and take your time getting to places you need to be – even if it means setting off hours early – then it’s all good.


Stay safe and see you tomorrow!

Working girl…not that kind.

I can’t believe how messed up my sleeping is, at the moment. It’s actually become worse, which I didn’t think was possible.

I had work this evening; we’re putting on a pantomime, so the kids are the actors and the audience will be their families. The show is next Thursday – I’m worried. Hopefully, it will be alright on the night, eh?!

In case you were wondering; I work with kids. I have done since 2007, when I started as a volunteer. I became a member of staff in 2011.

I am about to catch up on some of the TV I’ve missed, or maybe rewatch Eastwick. Both may be a possiblity, too. You may not have heard of Eastwick – it has Paul Gross in it and is about witches and he is the Devil. That’s the jist, anyway. It’s good and should have gone on for longer than it did, but it was cancelled – shame. Not to everyone’s taste, I don’t suppose, but anything with Paul Gross is good by me. He’s the Mountie from Due South, if you don’t know who I’m on about; and if you still don’t, then shame on you!


UK people may be aware of the horse meat fiasco in burgers from Tesco et al. that is big in the news at the moment, so I would like to leave you with this gem of a meme:

Horse in bagging area.

See you tomorrow!

Vet Adventure.

Today feels like it has lasted forever! I, again, did not get any sleep last night; as soon as I had dozed off my mum woke up and went downstairs, the creaky floorboards woke me. From that point on, sleep became a lost cause. Especially as we were taking this one to the vets at lunch time.


I looked out of my window at about 20 past 7 and it was still dark. I remembered an app I had installed on my phone that did stop motion pictures, so I set that up and let it run for 2 hours.

I hope I manage to do it often and get more pink in the sky. Maybe eventually using my proper camera and doing it manually.

I got out of bed properly at 10:30am and got ready to leave for the vets. She’s a (retiring early) guide dog, so we had to go to their base vets, which was only half an hour away. She has a few skin problems, but all seems well at the moment; we just need to keep an eye open for anything that may reoccur.
I was falling asleep in the car, on the way home, so when we got back at 14:30pm I ran up to my bed and slept for 3 hours, although I’m still shattered now!

That’s everything today; I’m now going to drink my tea and watch some YouTube videos, then sleep! Hopefully.

See you tomorrow!

50 Facts About Yours Truly.

50 Facts Banner

Having not done anything all day, I have decided to change it up a little, so here are 50 facts about me. There is no rhyme or reason as to the facts I’ve chosen, they’re just ones that I thought of while I was writing others down.

So, here we go:

1. I can’t remember a time in my life when we did not have at least one family pet.

2. I have watched every available episode of Doctor Who. My favourite Doctor’s are Patrick Troughton (2) and Colin Baker (6). My favourite companions are Jamie (2) and Rory (11).

3. I love old houses – from tiny cottages to Victorian Grand Mansions. Give me beams or symmetrical facades over stylish mod cons any day.

4. I love Snow.

5. I’m a dog and a cat person. This, I suppose, is because I have grown up with both.

6. I have one tattoo, it is on the inside of my right wrist and is McFly related.


7. I have a growing collection of Whiskey Miniatures.

8. I hate singing. I am not good at it. It’s rare that I do it; even when I’m alone in the house. I don’t sing along to ‘Happy Birthday’ for my family, either.

9. I also dislike it when people sing along to a song that I’m listening to, or that is on the radio. I’d rather listen to the original.

10. I love flying. I would like to learn, one day.

11. I love motorbikes. I would love to own and ride a bike.

12. I’m not keen on chocolate; I would much rather eat sugary, fruity sweets. I don’t like the creamy texture of chocolate.

13. I have rainbow hair.


14. I love colour and wear bright clothes.

15. To juxtapose my bright, colourful self; I don’t like to be noticed.

16. I enjoy watching musicals, be it at the theatre or on film.

17. I would rather be too cold than too hot.

18. I dislike wearing skirts and dresses. They do not feel comfortable for me.

19. I got my ears pierced when I was 7; I went straight from a ballet exam to the piercing place. I was still wearing my ballet clothes.

20. My most prized posession is a hot water bottle cover in the shape of a dog. He was given to me when I was about 8; he’s called Pup-pup and I still sleep with him every night.


21. I miss using a pen and paper – it’s the only thing I miss about school.

22. I love nail varnish and have quite a collection.

23. I love bum chins/chin dimples – some people think I am weird because of this.

24. I’m not good in most social situations.

25. I love the countryside.

26. I’m easily amused.

27. In opposition, I am easily annoyed.

28. My mind veers toward dirty.

29. I get more broody over animals than I do over children.

30. My biggest phobias/fears are vomit, the dark and spiders.

31. I like to drink tea and coffee.

32. The last time my hair was it’s natural colour, all over, I was 17; it only lasted a few days. Before then, I was 15. It is naturally a dark, mousey blonde.

33. I have lived in 8 different houses.

34. I would like to travel the UK and Europe on trains.

35. My current favourite colours are yellow, green and orange.

36. I used to have a double row of front teeth. Now I only have 25 of 32 adult teeth (with my top 2 wisdom teeth coming through).

37. My favourite fruits are grapes, honeydew melon and Pink Lady apples.

38. I have been to see about 18 McFly gigs, give or take.

39. I enjoy the sound of vaccuuming up the needles of Christmas Trees.

40. I have a varied taste in music; McFly, Mumford&Sons, Paolo Nutini, Thin Lizzy, The Choir Boys, ELO, Dire Straits and Gotye – to name, but a few.

41. I like to dance and I miss taking ballet and tap lessons. I must take up adult tap classes, this year.

42. I have always wanted to do horse riding.

43. I cry easily.

44. I am less likely to purchase things online, than I am, in person, at a shop.

45. I like being outdoors, though I am too lazy to go anywhere.

46. I have walked the 3 Yorkshire Peaks in one day; I did it to raise money for the charity I work for.

47. I feel uncomfortable leaving the house without make-up on.

48. I like to read, but I have a habit of not doing for a few months, even if I’m half way through a book.

49. I have a journal, but I have not written in it for a few years. I started this one in 2005 and had 2 previously.

50. I don’t drink. Partly because of my vomit phobia, but also because I dislike the taste of alcohol and I just never started.


There we have it, my list of 50 facts about myself. It took me a while to come up with them, and there are a lot more where they came from; these just popped in to my head first. Hope you didn’t become too bored!

See you tomorrow!

Dad’s Birthday! Plus, SNOW!

First of all, I would like to mention the annoyance of running out of my favourite lip balm. I have never manage to use it up completely before, but I  was desperate and used the hook park of a pen lid to reach the bottom.

Empty Lip Balm

I also managed to amuse myself when I’d put a plaster on, as Gollum looked like he was peeking through.

Peeking Gollum

On to the important part; Today was my Dad’s birthday, so my family and I went out for a joint birthday meal for both of my parents. I’m not a huge fan of the place we went to eat, but they do a great starter of homemade nachos; even better with a little pot of chilli – I didn’t need my main after.

I didn’t wake up feeling too great (still not feeling 100%, but hey ho), it’s taken its toll; I’m shattered. I will go to sleep soon, I imagine. After a cup of tea at home, I went with my Mum to drop something off in town. Not everyone’s usual Sunday afternoon enjoyment, but I do like being in a car. Got home and watched an episode of The Vicar of Dibley – one of my favourite TV programmes; I love it. I was almost falling asleep until my Mum reminded me I should bake my Dad a cake…so I did – Coffee.

I’m not great at tidying up as I go, when baking…

Messy Kitchen

The recipe is from the Primrose Bakery book; it’s a great recipe and the cake is delicious. I recommend you try it.

Here are the baked halves. Just cooling before being poured over with a coffee sugar syrup.

Just Baked

And here is one of the dogs trying to snort it. Animals are strange; who would have thought they would be tempted by the smell of coffee?!

Doggy Wants

So, that was my Sunday. I did quite enough and I am glad to be sat on my bed doing nothing! That said, I can not wait until I get a desk; sitting on my bed is giving my back all sorts of problems!

See you tomorrow!


P.S. IT SNOWED!!!!!!!! Only a little bit, but IT SNOWWWWEEEEEDDDDD!!!!!


I love snow!

Ice Skating!

I am writing this from my Dad’s old laptop, tonight, as mine is not turning on anymore. :( RIP laptop. :(

I had an early morning today, but did not get up to anything too exciting; until this evening. I went, with my brother, to collect his new bike – I’m jealous. Then went with him to Morrisons and bought myself some sweets.

This evening, though, I went ice skating at LiverpoolOne with some people from work; it was great fun. Not everyone joined in, but here is a photo of us who weren’t wimps.

Ice Skating Group.jpg

The next photo is my feet on the ice. I couldn’t feel my toes for most of the time on it! I do have a video of my moving, but the file is too big, at the moment; I may include it when I know how to make it smaller.

Ice Skating Feet.jpg

Here I am, with a bright light on my head, looking ‘really warm’, apparently. the same couldn’t be said for my legs or feet.

Ice Skating Me.jpg

Ice Skating Tea.jpgI had to improvise a tea cup holder, as I was burning my hands on the cup. Lucky I’d bought some Pringles, too, or I wouldn’t have been able to carry it. Sorry that the picture is blurry, but I was in a rush.

I didn’t get a picture of the whole group of 7, but there would have been one if they’d come on the the ice, as well. Instead they just sat in the bar, drinking. Boooo!

I’m glad I went, but I’d spent most of the day feeling the less than sociable, so it was hit and miss. I tried to get in to town early, so I could get something from The Body Shop, but they were already closed 5 minutes early. I knew what I wanted, which makes it more frustrating; never mind. I have what I want in the house, but it’s in a box…somewhere.

Hope you all had a fun day! It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow, so we may be going for a meal. Who knows?

See you tomorrow.