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In Jokes.

I have come to decision that In Jokes are the funniest kind.

I love comedy and seeing comedians, but even some of them have in jokes with their audience (size dependant) and they’re always the ones that everyone gets the giggles about for the rest of the night (or however long it makes them laugh) – it still makes me giggle if I hear the phrase ‘keel haul’, thanks to Patrick Monahan (Website and Twitter).

Yes, it’s funny when someone tells a joke or does a practical one, but the laugh is never the same and it never carries on over into every day life. In jokes last; someone who doesn’t know about it may say something and someone else will begin to giggle – other people giggle, but never know why.


In jokes are my favourite. Do you think they’re the things that make you laugh the most? If not, what makes you giggle more?


See you soon.



P.S. I have a blog planned about my 20SB Postcard Exchange, but so far I have only recieved one of my 3. Look out for that when I get the other two!

London Trip.

I got my camera back today, thankfully! I’ve missed it since Tuesday. Here is a blog of some of my pictures – touristy and otherwise.

I travelled down on Friday evening with my friend Jenn, it took freaking ages on the London Midland line! Only used that line because there was an offer – never again.

The train arrived at Euston at about 22:21 and Helen met me to escort me back to her house. The first picture I took was while we were waiting at London Bridge.

London Bridge

Saturday: Helen and I went to the Palace Theatre early in the morning, to day seat for Singin’ In The Rain tickets. That evening was the cast’s final night, which was the basis of my whole trip. We wandering around most of the day, between getting our tickets and the show. We went to Wapping, which is rather nice – it even has a little beach.

Photo 16-02-2013 14 09 07

Photo 16-02-2013 14 20 58

Photo 16-02-2013 14 32 41

Photo 16-02-2013 14 53 42

Photo 16-02-2013 16 49 07

We had dinner in the Dickens Inn at St Katharine Docks and went on the DLR to Canary Wharf. It was quite a cold day, but nice walking around.


Sunday: Helen was feeling rough, so we stayed in all day. We’d thought about going to watch the What’s On Stage Awards, but we watched the online stream instead – what a load of rubbish it was. So glad I wasn’t there.

Monday: Another day of mostly wandering. We heading in fairly early to watch Helen’s sister perform a short ballet in a small art museum (the dance had the same theme as the pictures in one of the rooms). In the early afternoon we went on Boris Bikes, for an hour, around Hyde Park and up Pall Mall. That was a lot of fun, I hadn’t ridden a bike properly for a long time – really enjoyed it. We then walked around by the Houses of Parliament and sat on a bench on the opposite side of the Thames, to pass some time. We had hoped to meet with another friend in the evening, but that didn’t come off as he was feeling unwell. Eventually we decided to go back to Helen’s and watch more episodes of Supernatural.





I went home again early on Tuesday afternoon, taking with me a lovely cold (which is still going strong – I feel rotten) and leaving my camera!


See you soon!

Room Update and Pi.

Having bought a few paint samples in varying shades of green and cream/brown/beige, I have found a green/cream combo I prefer; however I have now found a wallpaper that I really like, too. Funnily enough, the wallpaper was in the ‘kids’ little section, but that’s not to say it’s childish. I really like the green in the wallpaper, it’s almost exactly what I want. I’m rather confused about it all, as the wallpaper would be no houndstooth pattern anywhere.

The colours of the wallpaper are a bit brighter than this, but it’s always difficult to take a photograph of correct colour. the green/cream combo I prefer in terms of paint are the centre, paler, green and the more cream, pale, shade of those options. I think they work well together. Not that I dislike the darker green, but I’m not sure I’d want a whole room that colour.

Any ideas?


Secondly, my brother has given me a Raspberry Pi, it is connected to my television so that I can watch films and TV programmes through it. My actual television isn’t working, yet, I still have no signal – hopefully this will be sorted soon.

That is all, I think. Fingers crossed my camera is able to be sent tomorrow, meaning I should recieve it on Thursday or Friday, then I can post about London!

See you soon!

Mini update.

Hi guys! I have been away in London over this weekend, got back earlier today with a lovely cold.

One problem I have is that I left my camera down in London, so I’m having to wait for my friend to send it back up to me. So, that means you will have to be patient until I can post a blog with some photo’s, rather than just writing one blog and then posting pictures in a second – although, that would be one way to post more. Even so, I think I’ll wait until it’s back home.


That’s it for today, really, just wanted to let you know where I’ve been.

See you soon!

The Rocky Horror Show

On Tuesday, straight from arriving back to the airport from the Isle of Man, I went to see The Rocky Horror Show tour with my friend Jenn. It was the only night I was free while it was at the Liverpool Empire.

It was an awesome show and brilliant fun. Some photo’s of the night:

Photo 12-02-2013 19 35 19

Photo 12-02-2013 19 37 19

Photo 12-02-2013 19 37 27

Photo 12-02-2013 19 38 00

Photo 12-02-2013 19 38 14

Photo 12-02-2013 22 19 32

Photo 12-02-2013 22 33 17

Photo 12-02-2013 22 35 13

My weekend on the Isle of Man.

First things first; as you may have noticed I have not posted since before the weekend. I have decided that a post every day was getting too much, so I’ll do fewer from now on.

I had a great extended weekend away. Here are several photographs for you all to gander at.

Possibly not going to post again until next Tuesday/Wednesday, as I’m going to London this weekend!

See you soon!

More IOM photo’s.







Hello from the Isle of Man

I was getting so carried way that I almost forgot blog. I caught the day in time, though.

My Mum woke me up at about 8am when she brought in a parcel for me. I didn’t get up until 10, though. I opened the package, which was a huge box, and my leather jackets were inside. One is my birthday present, and the other is the same but a different size which will be sent home.

I got myself ready and then packed my suitcase. Printed my information for the flight and then waited until time to go. I love flying. I treated myself to an Estée Lauder mascara in the duty free and then went to wait for my gate. Sort flight and the bus ride was a bit dodgy for me, but I got here safe.

I’ve been craving some sort of chocolate biscuit for the last few hours, or a Snickers bar. If I still want one tomorrow then I will be all over one.

See you tomorrow!

Back to work.

Woke up mid afternoon and got ready to, finally, go and buy some paint samples from B&Q. I knew the colours I was looiking for, but didn’t have a set brand or colour name selected, so I picked up a few, then cancelled out as I went along. I finally chose this green and a creamy-beige colour, for the possible feature wall.

Paint Sample Bottles

The light isn’t very good, so they’re actually a lot different from the pictures. Sorry about that. Here they are as one layer on the wall.

Paints on Wall

Also, they’re still drying. It’s seem the lighter edges on the left colour are dry and the darker on the green are dry. I’m now wondering whether I want the green on every wall – it seems like it could be quite dark. I’ll think about it in two weeks, when I’ve been able to strip my walls and under paper them again.

Finally bought my railcard today! It’s only been 3 weeks since I decided I was going to get one.

RailcardWahoo! Shame I didn’t have the dates I wanted to go sooner, or the trains would only have been about £17.50; now they’re going to be about £44 – oh well.

I was in Boots buying some hand cream (Aveeno – it’s amazing for my really sensitive hands) and had a look at the shelves with clearence items – I bought OPI Nail Envy from that section a while back, for a fair bargain – and I found this Nails Inc. Top Coat. Awesome

Nails Inc. Top Coat

I’m still trying to decide whether I want to remove my Hobbit themed nail varnish, or leave it until it’s grown out. They’re looking a bit messy, but I love them so much!

Work started again tonight – dance project. Should be quite fun, we’ve done them before, but with older girls. We even have one boy on this project – I hope he enjoys it and doesn’t give up.


I am off to the Isle of Man tomorrow. I get to go flying! I am far too excited about that. The next few blog posts may consist of more photo’s than words, as I’ll be posting them on the iPad. See how I feel and what times I post them – it may be quite erratic.

See you tomorrow!

Rainbow hair.

It has become a bit of a ‘thing’ of mine to wear bright colours and have bright hair. I was 15 when I first started bleaching it. 19 when it went red, then orange…red, orange, brown, purple, blonde, (rubbish) blue, blonde…or something like that. Finally, in April of last year I decided to go for it and go Rainbow. I’d seen photo’s of people with it and was desperate. To be honest, it’s not necessarily rainbow, as such, but 5 colours is the most I’ve gone, so far. I may do proper rainbow some time this year.

I am doing this post because I dyed in multicoloured for the 4th time – waiting for it to fade and generally being lazy makes it take a while. I like to swap the colours around each time.

This is how it looks this time around:

Hair Front

Hair Right

Hair Left

I only went with 4 colours, so one less than there has been, because I had most of these colours; I was going to do a red fringe, but I really love the fluorescent yellow, so I went with it.

The is the first time I’ve done everything by myself. I am usually OK bleaching my hair myself, but the colours I hadn’t dared to do before. I think they turned out really well and quite neat. Having two mirrors was confusing, though. Seeing everything backwards – I got a little bit of blue on the tops of some yellow.


So, yep. If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be?

See you tomorrow.