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I love Glee.

I watch each episode with my Dad (because he’s cool like that). I had my reservations when I first heard about it – I even remember who told me about it – but I watched and loved. I find myself less happy at the end of episodes these days, but I don’t care.

I love the cast – on the most part – I love the easy watching of it and I love how bright and colourful it is. In fact, I’m almost sure the contrast has been upped so the colours are sharper – I love it.

Do I have a favourite person? Well, I am very partial to Kurt, because I absolutely love Chris Colfer’s voice. It’s a rare thing for a voice to give me tingles, but his does it. Beautiful and so very different.

Yup, that is all I am going to say for today.


Now I must go and write my list of things I need to pack for my trip to the Isle of Man.

See you tomorrow!


Sunset Branches


Sunset Dog Walker


Admittedly, these photo’s are from yesterday, but I like them so I’m posting them today.

See you tomorrow!

As close to ‘surreal’ as it gets.

I recently followed, Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield on Twitter, after someone retweeted a photograph, of somewhere on Earth, that he posted from the International Space Station (ISS). I then noticed that he was posting videos on the Canadian Space Ageny (CSA) YouTube account and I just had to have a gander. I’m glad I did, as this video of him opening a tin of Mixed Nuts in Space is as surreal a thing as I have ever seen.

I can’t imagine how it feels to be floating and weightless – I suppose not a lot of people can – but it must be wonderful.

If you have Twitter, then I recommend you follow him for more pictures and videos from Space, because, let’s face it, you’re probably never going to see it for real.


Speaking of space, I am still watching through my Doctor Who Series ‘1’ box set. I’ve just started The Empty Child, with The Doctor Dances to follow, and I may well regret it, but I love this pair.

See you tomorrow!

Hello, February.

Cripes, how is it already February – really?! If you read yesterday’s blog, you will already be aware that I have a couple of exciting things happening this month; now you’re going to find out what they are. I will say, though, that the excitement is relative.

Exciting thing 1: I am going to the Isle of Man, next Thursday, for a few days. I used to live on the IOM and always enjoy going back. Come October, it will have been 10 years. I moved back to England before I was old enough to explore the island on my own, so it’s nice to visit and be able to go places without mine, or my friends, parents needing to be there – although, we’ll be doing a few ‘touristy’ things while I’m over.

Exciting thing 2: I’m going to London the weekend after! The last time I went was only in early November, but I just enjoy being in London – even though I find it a bit scary. Hopefully, my friends and I will be going to the Singin’ In The Rain cast change, or rather the final night of (most of) the current cast (one left last weekend).

It may be that, while I’m away, the blogs will mostly consist of pictures; not that that is a bad thing, eh?


Are you doing anything exciting this month? I look forward to hearing about them!

See you tomorrow.