Back to work.

Woke up mid afternoon and got ready to, finally, go and buy some paint samples from B&Q. I knew the colours I was looiking for, but didn’t have a set brand or colour name selected, so I picked up a few, then cancelled out as I went along. I finally chose this green and a creamy-beige colour, for the possible feature wall.

Paint Sample Bottles

The light isn’t very good, so they’re actually a lot different from the pictures. Sorry about that. Here they are as one layer on the wall.

Paints on Wall

Also, they’re still drying. It’s seem the lighter edges on the left colour are dry and the darker on the green are dry. I’m now wondering whether I want the green on every wall – it seems like it could be quite dark. I’ll think about it in two weeks, when I’ve been able to strip my walls and under paper them again.

Finally bought my railcard today! It’s only been 3 weeks since I decided I was going to get one.

RailcardWahoo! Shame I didn’t have the dates I wanted to go sooner, or the trains would only have been about £17.50; now they’re going to be about £44 – oh well.

I was in Boots buying some hand cream (Aveeno – it’s amazing for my really sensitive hands) and had a look at the shelves with clearence items – I bought OPI Nail Envy from that section a while back, for a fair bargain – and I found this Nails Inc. Top Coat. Awesome

Nails Inc. Top Coat

I’m still trying to decide whether I want to remove my Hobbit themed nail varnish, or leave it until it’s grown out. They’re looking a bit messy, but I love them so much!

Work started again tonight – dance project. Should be quite fun, we’ve done them before, but with older girls. We even have one boy on this project – I hope he enjoys it and doesn’t give up.


I am off to the Isle of Man tomorrow. I get to go flying! I am far too excited about that. The next few blog posts may consist of more photo’s than words, as I’ll be posting them on the iPad. See how I feel and what times I post them – it may be quite erratic.

See you tomorrow!

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