Today is my birthday; as the title may, or may not, imply. I had quite a nice day, mostly relaxed and easy; went to Caffe Nero with my Dad, then homebase to pick up some books of paint colours (pretty sure I’m going with a green). Then to go and buy a ring for my mum, from my Dad.

Home, food, then out for a bit of shopping with my Mum. I didn’t really buy anything…

I got a few cards and a pair of earrings from my parents – they’re tear drop shaped, but I have turned them upside down to make them look like alien heads…

Now, I’m talking to one of my longest friends about getting help, but I won’t go in to detail – she’s right, though, I really need some.

All in all, an ok day. I’m a little bummed out now, but I really shouldn’t be.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Han says:

    help? oh no! I hope you’re okay lovely. If you wanna chat you know where I am right?