Change of hair.

I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s post that I had dye in my hair – well, this is the result post.


Don’t forget that I mentioned a “peacock theme”, well…


It’s less ‘peacock’, and more ‘macaw’. I’m not complaining, I’m just glad it turned out as nice as it did. I love it.



Tomorrow, for me, is a day of travel and stress. I’m heading off down south until next Monday. First visiting London, then on Saturday I am transferring to Bedford.

I can’t wait to see all the friends I’ll be seeing, but I am, as per usual, nervous as hell. Hopefully I’ll get sleep tonight – my sleeping pattern is a mess, so probably not.

I’ll post again tomorrow, letting y’all know how I coped. :]



Laters, chums.

Mel out.

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