Decorating ideas.

It has been over a month since I was forced to move house and it’s about time I think about my bedroom decor. As yet, the only idea I’ve had is to have the Middle Earth map painted on a wall, but I have absolutely no idea how to achieve that – except pay someone, but I haven’t got the money for that.

I don’t think I want a feature wall, unless it is the idea above, so that narrows it down to only one paint/wallpaper to choose. I don’t think I can be bothered with the business of wallpaper – unless it is William Morris, but that’s expensive – so that leaves paint. One singular colour to cover all 4 walls.

My bedroom at home had a dark cherry/light crimson feature wall and caramel on the other 3, with black satin (not gloss, not matte) skirting. The colours went well with the black, with gold detailing, curtains and had already chosen; my idea was a castle room, of sorts. It wouldn’t have come across that way to anyone else, but that’s what I thought when I first did it.

Now, with yet another room to decorate, I am stuck. I can’t decide on a colour I would like to look at shades of. Not being keen on the modern style, I was thinking a jade green, but muted. Or a very pale beigey-brown. I really don’t know. Anyone any good at design? I can to the decorating, but when it comes to design and imaging how things will look, well, I suck.

I need to find a time when my Dad is free so we can visit a B&Q or Homebase. Hopefully some time this week!

See you tomorrow!

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