Hello from the Isle of Man

I was getting so carried way that I almost forgot blog. I caught the day in time, though.

My Mum woke me up at about 8am when she brought in a parcel for me. I didn’t get up until 10, though. I opened the package, which was a huge box, and my leather jackets were inside. One is my birthday present, and the other is the same but a different size which will be sent home.

I got myself ready and then packed my suitcase. Printed my information for the flight and then waited until time to go. I love flying. I treated myself to an Estée Lauder mascara in the duty free and then went to wait for my gate. Sort flight and the bus ride was a bit dodgy for me, but I got here safe.

I’ve been craving some sort of chocolate biscuit for the last few hours, or a Snickers bar. If I still want one tomorrow then I will be all over one.

See you tomorrow!

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