Visited my Grandpa today. He’s well enough, for his age. He has a chair that lifts him up, lies down and massages – it’s very swish and I wouldn’t mind having my own.

I was given my birthday card from an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin – the envelope is lovely.


In fact, I love it so much that I think I want a houndstooth pattern on one of my walls. This scratches the comment of not wanting a feature wall, but I do love houndstooth. Not sure how I’ll achieve the look, yet, but I can work on that. I love the colours of the envelope, too, but I’m not sure I’d want them on my walls – who knows, it may happen! Spearmint and orange, anyone?

I had to go to a meeting at work this evening; we were talking about the Wednesday evening project – it’s going to be Dance, which is a popular one with the girls. Although, we may get two boys this term – that would be exciting.

I have just finished building a new lamp, which I got yesterday as my previous one is old and broken. It’s a much nicer way of lighting up a room than a main light, I find.


No plans for tomorrow day time, but another meeting about the Thursday night project in the evening – I shall talk about that tomorrow, even though I already know what it is. Now I’m going to fill out my time sheets, as I need the money.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Han says:

    What about a canvas board with a houndstooth pattern painted on it. That way you have it but don’t have the focal wall……. What do you think?

    • mellywho says:

      Ohhhhhh, I like that a lot. Definitely worth the experiment! And if I decide I want it as a feature wall, I can use the canvas on another wall in the room. Good call!