In Jokes.

I have come to decision that In Jokes are the funniest kind.

I love comedy and seeing comedians, but even some of them have in jokes with their audience (size dependant) and they’re always the ones that everyone gets the giggles about for the rest of the night (or however long it makes them laugh) – it still makes me giggle if I hear the phrase ‘keel haul’, thanks to Patrick Monahan (Website and Twitter).

Yes, it’s funny when someone tells a joke or does a practical one, but the laugh is never the same and it never carries on over into every day life. In jokes last; someone who doesn’t know about it may say something and someone else will begin to giggle – other people giggle, but never know why.


In jokes are my favourite. Do you think they’re the things that make you laugh the most? If not, what makes you giggle more?


See you soon.



P.S. I have a blog planned about my 20SB Postcard Exchange, but so far I have only recieved one of my 3. Look out for that when I get the other two!

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