Les Misérables.

Today consisted of two main events: watching the Les Misérables film and going to work.

les mis

Work was this evening, but I shall talk about that first. The children finally got to have a mini dress rehearsal; they didn’t go through the whole thing, but they got to wear their costumes. They all seem reasonably happy.

Back to Les Mis. Now…I had heard very good things about this movie, but I had my reservations. I had never been hugely keen to go and see the stage show, admittedly, but wanted to see the film anyway. On the whole, I enjoyed it, but I was not blown away and did not cry as much as I had heard some people did.

A few things that I feel about it are:

– Russell Crowe was not as bad as people are saying. His solo song is one of the ones I liked the most.
– Anne Hathaway has an amazing voice.
– I don’t get the whole thing with Eddie Redmayne…
– Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were great – I laughed each time their characters were on screen.
– Hugh Jackman’s voice disappointed me a little, I thought he was quite nasal – until the end scenes where he is weak and so singing with less ‘gusto’.
– It felt bloomin’ long.

Overall, I did like it. Maybe not enough to buy the DVD, but enough not to regret going.

While I was in town, Jenn and I went in to HMV. I seem to automatically head towards the Doctor Who DVDs and this time I came up trumps! The Complete First Series box set for £20. Scoorrrreee!


That’s it, for today. See you tomorrow!


  1. Han says:

    I loved SBC and HBC as the Thenardiers. I loved the choreography throughout Master of The House to pick pockets of different people. Especially then how Hugh Jackman was like “no I don’t want a seat” “no I don’t want a drink” “no I will keep my coat” and then how SBC kept getting Cosette’s name wrong (and the time he calls her courgette instead!)

    The thing with knowing the musical fairly well was that I was looking out for things and knew what was kind of coming next.

    I was a little disappointed with the barricade a little bit – in the stage version the barricade absolutely dominates the stage. When it comes to Gavroche’s death he’s actually climbing back over the barricade and someone catches him (at least that’s how it was in the stage show we saw). Then again it was still sad that the soldiers shot a kid.

    Javert’s songs were both good. Especially the bits when he’s balancing along the rooftop and then the bridge and you’re not sure if its going to fall off or not.

    It was a bit long but the stage show is about the same length even with the interval. I think if I got it on DVD it would either be watched in parts.

    • mellywho says:

      The ‘Master of the House’ was probably one of my favourite scenes – so entertaining. ‘Courgette’ also made me laugh!

      I guess on the stage, though, the whole stage is meant to be the little street. It’s difficult to have a huge barricade in the film if the streets were only slim – probably a little more historically accurate. I won’t lie – everytime they said the kid’s name I was thinking about Davros. I amuse myself so. Yes, though, the shooting of the kid was awful – why did they even bother and how did they not care?! Terrible.

      I wouldn’t say the walking along the edges had me worried, I may have been feeling synical, but also it wouldn’t have been all that interesting. I liked it, though, but more for the wondering of why he was doing it. When he jumped, I flinched at the sound as he landed.