Let me sleep, already!

Once again I awoke at about 8am; something must be wrong for me to have almost reversed my sleeping pattern. I blame it on anxiety – something I am not yet going to go in to detail on.

I stayed in bed until about 10am, when it became clear that I was not going to be getting back to sleep, then went downstairs and ate breakfast. I looked out of the window and saw this:


What the heck is that bright orb in the sky?!

My dad asked if I wanted to take the dogs for a walk, so I got ready and we took both our German Shepherds out in the melting snow. After the walk, we ate dinner and watched Bargain Hunt – I wouldn’t mind being on that show, it looks like fun. I lounged around some more while my Dad did a bit of work, then he came to tell me he was going to the tip, the bank and back home (or what I still call home). I asked him to wait so I could go with him, so he did and I did.

I enjoyed spending time back where I felt at home and safe, even though it was empty (and cold, but that’s not too unusual).

Window View

I sat on the floor where my bed used to be and just relaxed a bit, then went outside and tried to cover most of the snow with my foot prints – because I could, more than anything. I think I even found Snow Drops, although without the flower.

Snow Drop

Came back to this house and had a look online for a new Dental Practice, as I have never really liked my own – we don’t get on. I found one, but it’s not NHS, so I’m not sure it’s possible – we’ll see.

Evening came, we ate tea and then my brother went for a walk, too – I went with him; why not? Then I came home and watched the Great British Bake Off Comic Relief special (the second of a few this week). I love that show, the original show, I feel, is more fun to watch than the specials, because you get to know the bakers and their ‘journey’ throughout the series – I’d like to do that show, also, but I don’t think I’m quite up to scratch, yet.

That brings us up to now. I think this is my most poorly written post, yet, so please excuse me – I am now going to sleep. Up early tomorrow so I can go and see Les Mis with a friend and then work in the evening. Such fun!

See you tomorrow!

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