My NSDF Experience – The Run Up.

NSDF, if you don’t know, is the acronym for ‘National Student Drama Festival’ – a renowned festival promoting theatre produced, performed, and/or written by students all over the UK.


I first became aware of the festival when ideastap posted a volunteer position on the Technical Team for the festival. I read through the description and was ultimately put off by the price you have to pay to do it (for accommodation, food, and a festival pass). A month or less before the festival was to happen, an email came through, via ideastap, saying that more members were needed for the team, and to email the Technical Director for further information. It didn’t take me a second to realise that I had to do this – it did mean asking my parents for the money, but they understood that this would be beneficial to me. When I get excited about things these days, then you know it’s serious.

I filled in the application form, and 2 days later heard back that I’d been accepted onto the team. I had 3 weeks to prepare – mentally, more so than anything, but I needed to buy steel toe caps.

I admit that I didn’t really think about the festival much (except for writing, what seemed like, a thousand emails to the TD about various things – I blame anxiety) for the upcoming weeks, until it was 2 days before leaving and I had to think about packing. Nothing specific in terms of clothing, except to be aware that you’d be working hard each day, and that there was an Awards evening/party at the end of the week. I didn’t actually pack until the day before, and on the day, but that’s neither here nor there.

The day came. It was time for me to head to Scarborough, which is literally on the opposite side of the country from me, and meet about 60 new people. A terrifying concept to a shy introvert with anxiety.



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