The Panto went down a storm! I think, anyway. After saying that I had my reservations, I was impressed at how well the kids did. A few of them still needed scripts, but that didn’t really ruin anything. All the kids were brilliant and I’m so glad they pulled it off. I admit, though, that my favourite part of the night was tidying up the hall with Mumford&Sons playing, quite loud, over the sound system.

Right now, I am typing this up and wondering whether to watch my Doctor Who box set, or not. It’s these decisions that keep my life on it’s toes…

I watched the most recent episode of Gok Wan’s new show last night and realised I had a lot of similarities with the woman on it. Basically, I am shy and awkward and so was she. I learned how it feels for other people when they’re trying to talk to me, or spend time with me. I either stay silent or talk in streams about nothing in particular. It’s not fun; I must practise.

Righto, that’s all I really have to talk about today. I’m glad the panto went well, but I’m also glad that it’s over!

See you tomorrow!

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