Rain Check, or Snow Check if you will.

I’m not feeling too great today; I’m beginning to wonder why a person who does not like to talk about themselves much has started a blog.

My parents hosted a Burn’s Night party tonight; I would have joined in, but I was not in the mood for socialising. I would have happily ended my day two hours before the gathering was to begin. I did not know where to take refuge, as I used to go in the kitchen and watch TV, but I “settled” in Mum’s study and watched the last episode of Great British Bake Off Comic Relief. The night ended abruptly when Mum looked outside and saw a good 2 inches of snow; the guests wanted to get home – a party has never ended so quickly.

I played outside with the dogs for 20 minutes, we all had fun.

Now I’m sat on my bed, wrapped in my duvet with my hot water bottle, thinking about getting ready to sleep – so much effort.

See you tomorrow.

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