In the last few days I have realised that there is an album that I keep going back to. That album is:

Babel – Mumford&Sons

The album is easy going and catchy, without being in your face and annoying – as I find some music can become.

If you haven’t heard of Mumford&Sons, (or if you have, but you didn’t know a song was theirs at the time) they are a folk rock band who formed a few years ago. Their debut album, called ‘Sigh No More’, has songs such as ‘Winter Winds’ and ‘Little Lion Man’ and is one of the few albums I listened to most before ‘Babel’.

It is not often that a band’s second album tops the first, but I think Mumford&Sons have managed it for me. I can always tell a good album when I’m not tempted to shuffle the songs – does anyone else get that?

I know they may not be to everyone’s musical tastes, but I just can’t help but have it playing whenever I don’t want to be surrounded by quietness.

Folk music seems to have made a come back, in to popular music, in recent years; obviously it has always been around, but it was more in the background. It is the kind of music that my Dad used to listen to in the 70s. I, for one, am not going to complain about it’s return.

‘Babel’ is an album I shall be listening to for years to come, so this is why I would like to recommend it to you.

A good place to start may be ‘I Will Wait’: I Will Wait – Mumford&Sons

‘Lover of the Light’: Lover of the Light – Mumford&Sons

On the deluxe edition of the album there are 15 songs, of those 15 there is only one of which I’m not overly fond – not bad, I’d say.

Have a listen and let me know what you think; I hope you enjoy them. If you have an album, or song, that you always find yourself listening to, let me know!

See you tomorrow!

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