Room Update and Pi.

Having bought a few paint samples in varying shades of green and cream/brown/beige, I have found a green/cream combo I prefer; however I have now found a wallpaper that I really like, too. Funnily enough, the wallpaper was in the ‘kids’ little section, but that’s not to say it’s childish. I really like the green in the wallpaper, it’s almost exactly what I want. I’m rather confused about it all, as the wallpaper would be no houndstooth pattern anywhere.

The colours of the wallpaper are a bit brighter than this, but it’s always difficult to take a photograph of correct colour. the green/cream combo I prefer in terms of paint are the centre, paler, green and the more cream, pale, shade of those options. I think they work well together. Not that I dislike the darker green, but I’m not sure I’d want a whole room that colour.

Any ideas?


Secondly, my brother has given me a Raspberry Pi, it is connected to my television so that I can watch films and TV programmes through it. My actual television isn’t working, yet, I still have no signal – hopefully this will be sorted soon.

That is all, I think. Fingers crossed my camera is able to be sent tomorrow, meaning I should recieve it on Thursday or Friday, then I can post about London!

See you soon!

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