Time to get cracking.

I’ve had quite a nice Christmas time, but I have hardly done any of my assignments for college from the Winter term. Dreadful, I know.

So, now that all the festivities are over, it’s about time I sat my ass down and got some done.

I started by making a to-do list, which I have stuck on the wall, by my door, in my bedroom.



It looks like quite a lot, but I think it will actually be less work than I keep thinking.

I go away for a week on Tuesday, so I need to get a lot of this done before then.

Wish me luck, eh?


Later, chums.

Mel out.


  1. Hannah says:

    Melly you can do it!! Kick that to do list’s butt!!

    • mellywho says:

      Thanks, Hannah. So far I’ve managed none of it…I did do one college thing that I hadn’t put on the list, because I’d forgotten, though.